The smartest way to manage your SAFETY


Safety Point is a secure online reporting system where staff submit safety cards from any online device. Management can easily access password protected reports for analysis and a live dashboard keeps staff engaged in participation and company performance.

The Safety Card

Submit safety cards online from any device easily and securely

Real-Time Dashboard

Monitor and display safety participation using key performance indicators

Generate Reports

Generate and analyse the daily, weekly and monthly safety observations 

How it works

The Safety Card

A customised safety card created specifically for your worksite


Each card is password protect and accessed via a secure web link

Access your safety card via any online device

Online Database

Each card submitted is saved into a secure online database omitting the need for manual input. 


Export this data to excel or pdf for quick analysis

Search for specific safety criteria and filter relevant safety issues.


Real-Time Dashboard

Log in at any time to view current safety participation across the worksite.


Engage staff in your safety program by displaying current participation throughout the worksite.

Share the live dashboard company wide via a secure web link where all management can keep track of performance.

Quickly generate, share and print easy to read reports for any chosen time period. 


Analyse safety reports to identify good behaviour and areas for improvement. 


Easily capture and document all lessons learned to share company wide.

Generate Reports


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